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Licki mat’s help make feeding times fun again for your pets. It encourages them to work for their food rather than just eating from a bowl. This helps stimulate them and provide enrichment. IT also aids in soothing and calming anxious/nervous pets by the licking motion.

The suction cups enable ot to be stuck down to surfaces so can also bee used to help with different activities such as nail clipping and bath time. In the warm weather you can freeze the licki mat and make a cooling treat to keep your pets occupied and cool them.

1. Dog Soothing Pad-Cover the front of the licking pad with their normal food for meal times or as a special treat you can use peanut butter, cheese, cream and other favorite pet foods so that pets can eat slowly and quietly.
2 Note: Can be used for pet care, anxiety, hair trimming, training, etc. Pets’ attention will be focused on the ground, so we can easily do housework for cats and dogs.
3. Food-grade silicone material: 100% safe and non-toxic, free of BPA, suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets.
4. Slow food design: The dog licking pad is designed with raised edges, which can make pet food for a long time and help digestion and absorption.

5. Easy to use and clean, suitable for microwave ovens, dishwashers, with suction cup design at the bottom, able to grab the floor powerfully

Material: Silicone
Color: red, orange, green, blue
Size: 15 * 15 * 0. 75CM
Weight: 110g
Function: Slow food / soothing / training
Instructions for use:

Apply peanut butter, cheese, cream and other favorite pet food to the front of the licking pad. Pet licking and drinking can calm down pets, and use them to trim hair and nails, eliminate anxiety and protect teeth.


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