Why should I microchip my pet?

Microchipping is a simple, quick and cost-effective procedure which is permanent identification. This will give
you peace of mind and proof of ownership of your pet. If your pet is lost or injured the likelihood of you being
reunited is greatly increased if your pet is microchipped. If you wish to travel abroad with your pet must to be

Is microchipping legal in pets?

Microchipping became a legal requirement for dogs in April 2016 but is only strongly advisable in cats at the

What is a microchip?

It is a sterile implant about the size of a grain of rice. Each microchip has a unique 15
digit number which corresponds with your pet and the contact information that you give us.

Where is a microchip put and how?

In dogs and cats the microchip is carefully inserted under the skin in between the shoulder blades. Inserting
the chip does not require an anaesthetic in the majority of pets, however, we do recommend that when
possible it is implanted whist the pet is being neutered. Pets such as rabbits and tortoises can also be

Who can check a microchip?

A microchip number is identified by a special scanner which is run over the animal’s body
(sometimes the chips can move under the skin).
Veterinary practice staff, animal charities and dog wardens will automatically scan any stray or unidentified animals.

How do I change my details?

We will give you a pack with a contact
telephone number on it. It is crucial that you
contact them if you move home or change
your phone numbers. The Petlog basic
account comes with all microchip
implantations. You can choose to upgrade to
Petlog Premium once you receive confirmation
from Petlog. There is a one off fee to upgrade
allowing you to update your contact details for
the life of your pet. If Petlog basic is kept you
will be charged each time you need to update your details

What do I do if my pet goes missing?

We highly recommend that you contact the microchip company (contact number in your pack) and inform
them. You also need to contact vets in your area.

How much is a microchip?

Currently (April 2020) microchipping is £20. However, we do offer a £5 discount if it is placed at the time of a
vaccination or neutering.


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Emmie Beale Bsc (Hons) RVN

Bachelor of science Honours Veterinary Nursing (Bsc Hons)
Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

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