Cleaning a Dogs Ears

Step 1
Try to choose a time when your dog is relaxed. Using a soft voice and talking in a warm tone will help prepare your dog.
Top Tip: This is a great time to chek your pets ears on a regular basis. Make sure you note if they are sore, red or inflamed.

Step 2
If your dog resists your initial efforts to clean their ears—either because they are nervous or in pain—offering treats at each ear cleaning will help your dog consider the ear cleanings a good (or, at least, tolerable) experience.
Top Tip: A dog with an ear infection may find this very painful and resist. If so contact a vet to find the best course of action.

Step 3
Fill your dog’s ear canal with a
veterinary approved ear cleanser.
Top Tip: Ear cleaning should only be done when we know the tympanic membrane (ear drum) is in tact. If this isn't in tact it can cause pain and discomfort. Its always advisable to have them checked by a vet first.

Step 4
Massage gently at the base of your dog’s ear until you hear a squishing sound.

Step 5
Continue massaging for three to four minutes. Then allow the dog to shake its head to loosen the debris.
Top Tip: Makes sure you give the cleaner a little bit of time to work before you clean it out (or your dog shakes it out)

Step 6
Using soft gauze squares or cotton
balls, gently wipe the inside surface
of your dog’s ear flap.
Remember: You should never stick anything inside the ears— especially cotton swabs, which could damage the ear or pack the wax more tightly, making the problem worse.

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Step 7
Repeat to the other ear.


Jack Player RVN VNCertECC

Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN)
Veterinary Nursing certificate in Emergency & Critical Care (VNCertECC)

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