Diagnostic Procedures

Our In House Diagnostic Tools


Our digital X-ray allows us to take precise, detailed x-rays of our patients. The images come through instantly which, greatly decreases the wait time. Our vets are fully qualified and have the ability and experience to interpret these images.


Ultrasound is a painless procedure which, allows the veterinarian to get real time images of their patients. This can be a very useful diagnostic tool for diagnosing; Heart, bladder and abdominal problems. It is also used during pregnancy to estimate the expected litter size and an approximate due date.


Electrocardiogram's (ECG) allow us to assess the hearts rhythm and electrical activity. This procedure aids in diagnosing certain heart conditions and is also used for monitoring patients under general anaesthesia. We can also have the ECG sent off for evaluation to RCVS certified cardiologists for an opinion. This test is very well tolerated by animals even without sedation.


On site we have a selection of state of the art laboratory equipment. This includes Blood Machines, Microscope and Urine Tests. These enable us to get fast, accurate results within minutes. We can run a variety of different tests including Haematology, Biochemistry, Thyroid test's and many more. Having these machines means our veterinary surgeons can get the results for your pets in the fastest time possible which, not only reduces your wait but, allows us to start treatment faster.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure monitoring is an invaluable tool used in both treatment and monitoring a patients health. It can be used to pick up hypertension (high blood pressure) which is a linked to problems such as:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Cardiac disease 

Tonometry (eye pressure)

A tonometer is used to measure the intra ocular eye pressure which, is linked to very serious eye conditions e.g. glaucoma. If you suspect your pet has an eye condition it is vital you contact your vet immediately.

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