Diagnostic Procedures

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At our practice we have access to a range of different diagnostic procedures including: Radiography, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy and Electrocardiogram (ECG).

Our digital X-ray machine allows us to take precise, accurate images of our patients and see the images instantly. Our vets are all fully qualified and have the ability and experience to interpret these images.

Ultrasound allows the veterinarian to get real time images of their patients. This can be a very useful diagnostic tool for diagnosing; Heart, bladder and abdominal problems. It is also used during pregnancy to estimate the expected litter size and an approximate due date.

Electrocardiogram’s (ECG) allow us to assess the hearts rhythm and electric actipexels-photo-415779.jpegvity. This procedure aids in diagnosing certain heart conditions and is also used for monitoring patients under general anaesthesia. We can also have the ECG sent off for evaluation to RCVS certified cardiologists for an opinion. This test is very well tolerated by animals even without sedation.


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