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As the days get shorter and we get ready to say ‘winter is here’ we find ourselves also in a second (and hopefully final lockdown).

One of the most common conditions we see is pets presented with lameness. One of the reasons is it’s so much harder to give our pets the right amount of exercise this time of year. In summer it’s so easy to wake up and take them for a walk in the warm sun, compared to opening the curtains and being confronted with the bleak dark morning. However, consistency is key. It’s better to offer our dogs consistent walks,no matter the length than only having the odd weekday walk and then going all out on the weekend. This inconsistency means they are unprepared, their muscles are not ready and will be more likely to come back lame from the walk. Try and keep the walks consistent, remember to warm up appropriately and most importantly dont go to hard. Massage and physiotherapy can be utilised to help warm up their muscles, relieve their aching joints and generally help keep them in good condition. Check out J.A.K therapy for more info.

It’s important as well to keep your pets well groomed this time of year. When we take them.for walks there is bound to be lots of muddy, wet puddles that our dogs just feel drawn to. They will come back wet and dirty from their walks. This will make them more likely to get matted fur which, as well as looking bad will also cause them discomfort and pain (tight and constricting and also can restrict their movements). It could be worth having regular bath and brush sessions or even having them clipped a little shorter to try and prevent this. Ask Tori of Toris Trims for more advice on your dogs.

Remember to prepare for this stressful time of year. Even if our pets have been ok with fireworks and all the changes we make ( christmas decorations ect.)this time of year, they may not be as well adapted this year (phobias get worse with age). The best solution is to prepare early. Test out pheromone diffusers and calming sprays (pet remedy), having a den made up or a quiet safe spot. This way you will know how well these solutions work. Some animals may even need a sedative to help them cope with everything which will need a vet to prescribe. Check out here for more coping tricks.

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