Veterinary Qualifications

Every veterinary procedure must be decided and mostly performed by a vet however, what different vets are there. What’s the difference between a veterinary specialists and a specialist vet? Who is an official vet?

Veterinary Surgeon: A veterinary surgeon a.k.a Vet, Veterinarian GP Vet ect. Is the general title to anyone who has completed a veterinary degree. They work as our first opinion vets who perform consults and both surgery. Unlike human doctors once a vet has completed their degree they are allowed to perform surgery. However, after this they can opt to do further qualifications which may gain them different titles.

Official Vet: although slightly miss leading this means they have completed the nesacary course to allow them to fill out a pet passport. They are also known as an OV.

Certificate holder: They have completed a certificate, normally 1 1/2-3 year long course gaining them a certificate in their chosen field such as certificate of orthopedics or certificate in cardiology. This emphasis their extra training and qualification in that chosen field. However, remember that online humans this is not needed to perform that procedure e.g. a veterinary surgeon without a certificate can still perform orthopedic surgeries.

Veterinary specialist: they have completed a post graduate degree in their chosen field. This normally involves a 1 year internship as well as a further 2 year residency training in that area. They must also prove to the RCVS (Royal college of Veterinary Surgeons) that they have made a valuable contribution to their chosen field usually involving national and international publications.European specialists are renowned across Europe where as a specialist must just apply to the RCVS code.

When your pet is going for a procedure you are within your right to ask who is performing the procedure and what qualifications they may have. Some vets may be referred to as their specialist orthopaedic vet, however that may not mean they are a RCVS recognised specialist but, a vet that has an interest in orthopedics. Prices of procedures vary from practice to practice and if one practice charges the same as one with a RCVS specialist you can decide which is better for your pet.

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