April’s Star Patient

Meet Lola, one of our star patients for April.

Lola is a (very cute) Cavachon. Lola came into us as she had cystitis and was constantly leaking urine. One quick feel of her abdomen by one of our vets revealed a bit more than just a case of normal cystitis. Her bladder felt big and like a rock. Lola was taken straight to X-ray and below is what we found!

The xray of Lola revealing a large bladder stone.

Poor Lola had a very large bladder stone. Her poor bladder had stretched to accommodate the stone which is why she was leaking urine as it couldn’t contract down to normal size. Lola had a nasty bladder infection too so she was sent home with antibiotics and pain relief and scheduled for surgery to remove this after a 5 day course of antibiotics to limit the chance of complications during and after surgery.

Lola was admitted for surgery and received IV fluids for 12 hours before being taken into theatre. Her anaesthetic and surgery went without complications and an hour after she went into theatre she was in recovery wrapped in warm blankets and having cuddles!

Lola recovering after her surgery. She is receiving fluids a d very strong pain relief.

Lola remaining in hospital for 24 hours after surgery on a drip which contained strong pain relief. She was weaned off of this during the course of the following day and was comfy and very happy so was discharged. She did amazingly well.

The stone causing all of lolas problems.

We saw Lola a few days after surgery and she was very happy and her owner reported she was doing really well and had stopped leaking urine 🙂. She is due back for stitches out soon.

Bichons are predisposed to getting bladder stones and so this may be one of the reasons why poor Lola has suffered from one as she is a cross with this breed. The stone has been sent for analysis and she is receiving a prescription diet to try and prevent her forming crystals which lead to stones in the future.

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