Spring Seasonal Tips

As much as we all love this time of year there are some very important things to remember about our pets.

Travel: Hopefully we have all got lots of lovely holidays planned for over the coming holidays. If so, make sure it is a priority to ensure your pets are safe. IF travelling abroad it is vital to check their vaccines and their pet passport (especially with the potential of changing boarders due to Brexit). Also make sure you are aware of requirements to travel back to the UK with your pet. If they are going to a kennel or cattery make sure that you have checked what vaccines they need to stay there and that they are up to-date.

Parasites:It is vital to make sure your pets stay protected at this time of year. With the (hopefully) Warmer weather we will be taking our dogs out for lots of walks and our cats staying out later soaking up the sun. However this also means that they will become more at risk of picking up some unwanted hitchhikers (fleas, ticks & worms). Its important to be extra vigilant and check their coats and faeces for signs of parasites. Don’t forget to see our VIP Pet care plan to stay protected.

Weather: As the weather gets hotter (we can hope) we need to make sure our pets can still cope with this. Make sure they have access to plenty of fresh clean water throughout the day. Consider getting them groomed to help stopping them over heating. Change daily routines so they are walked at the cooler times of the day (morning and evening NOT midday).

Chocolates: Make sure you eat all your Easter chocolates your self. Its not often someone will tell you that but, we would rather you eat them than your dogs. Find out more here about chocolate toxicity.

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