Emergency C-section

Proud mum with one of her kittens.

Sparkle was brought into us by one of our clients after being newly adopted. They adopted her heavily pregnant as her old owners could no longer look after her any more. After beginning to go into labour over night but, producing no kittens the owners brought her down to us to see if we needed to intervene.

We x-rayed Sparkle shortly after arrival to understand better how many kittens she might be having. We then performed an ultrasound to check that the kittens were healthy or, if they were going into distress. We now had a better idea of her situation, she was having approximately 4 kittens that were beginning to show signs of distress. The decision was made that the best chance of survival for both mum and kittens would be to perform an emergency C-section.

Sparkles X-ray

After this decision was made we rushed her into theatre so that we could place her onto Intravenous fluids Therapy (IVFT) to help stabilise her and make surgery safer. We then induced anaesthesia and began to prepare her for surgery. From the time of first incision to removal of all kittens it is vital that the surgeon is both fast (to reduce the time of anaesthesia) and yet delicate. Fortunately our surgeons have a wealth of experience and so the kittens were delivered very quickly. We now need to have all hands on deck to help revive the kittens, until now they have been relying on mum for oxygen and have not had to breath by themselves. Luckily our dedicated staff managed to revive and stimulate the breathing of all 4 kittens. Although 2 of them were very weak and, this did take almost an hour to achieve.

4 kittens enjoying the heated bed

Once mum is recovered from surgery we placed her into one of our quiet kennels with a very nice heat pad to help maintain all of their body temperatures. Mum proceed to make a very speedy recovery and took naturally to guarding and protecting her kittens. She was discharged later that night as there and coming back for regular checks. Mum and kittens are all doing amazingly well and very strong.

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