You ate what??

Can you guess what this little puppy ate?

I thought I would show a very interesting X-ray we took here in practice. I hope we never get to see one like this again. This little dog unfortunately suffers with the condition ‘Pica.’ This condition is when an animal is prone to eating strange things. If you couldn’t guess by first glance this dog did in fact eat 27 nails.

The owner noticed seconds to late that their dog had eaten some of their nails whilst doing some at home D.I.Y. They rushed him straight down to us where we X-rayed to confirm he did infact eat them. Firstly we tried to enduce vomiting which brought up 15 of the nails. The other 12 had unfortunately passed through the stomach and were in the intestines. The decision was made to perform an Abdominal Exploratory Laparotomy (Ex-Lap). We opened him up and manage to remove all the remaining nails, by some miracle hey had ot perforated the bowel.

The pup went on to recover exceptionally well and was discharge a day later as he was recovering so well. After his final check we haven’t seen him back for eating any other strange objects….yet.

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