With it coming up to the most popular time of year for fireworks are you prepared? Remember fire works are very loud and can be scary if you don’t know what they are. Dogs have 4 times greater hearing than we do which is why, many dogs get anxious and scared around them. Here are some ways to


help keep your pets calm this time of year.

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1. Nutraceuticals: Nutracalm is a all natural calming supplement that contains ingredients proven to relax. These are very good for animals that stress a lot and even better as, they can be purchased over the counter and do not contain any pharmaceuticals.

2. Den’s or Hide away: Building a den or a hide away can be a Hide awaygreat simple, economical way to help reduce stress for your pet. It provides them a safe space and somewhere to go to calm and relax. They should be made in a place out of the way to help reduce stress. Make sure they are big enough to have food and water bowls in as well. Release your inner child and have fun making them.

Thunder top
3. Thunder t-shirts: these special t-shirts are made to be very tight and so ‘hugs your pet and helps relax them. They also press on calming pressure spots over their body.
4. Pheromones: natural pheromone refuses release calming scents for your pets. adaptil & FeliwayThese are available for both dogs and cats and can work very well to calm them down.

To achieve best results we advise to use a number of different strategies if not all of them. This could be having a pheromones diffuser located near the den area.

Do not be afraid to comfort your pets if they need it. This will not encourage them to be worse, sometimes a nice hug and reassurance is all they need.Dog Hug

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