Bringing a new Puppy home

The first step of getting a new puppy is always hardest. Introducing them to a new home can be very daunting and scary. They have spent every day until now with their mum and litter mates and now, they are whisked up by a stranger and taken away.

When we got our new ‘Puppy’ (name still to be decided) we were bringing him home to a family of 2 cats and a 3 year old toddler. We thought this would be our hardest time ever but, actually it was very easy and stress free. We plugged in feliway friends a natural diffuser that release’s pheromones help calm the cats and this one is specially developed for bringing in new friends. Next we created a safe space for him and a safe place for the cats. This way they each have somewhere to hide and some where safe to escape to.

The picture above shows the end result after less than 12 hours. It my help that he is half the size of the cats as well.

If you need any puppy/kitten advice then please contact our surgery to speak to one of our nurses for advice. Also keep an eye out as we will be updating on how his training and socialisation goes.

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