Cold weather advice

As the weather gets colder and the snow comes down there area few extra precautions we should take:

1. Wrap up warm! This goes for both owners and pets.  Consider gdtting a warm coat for your pets to wear when they go out, this will help to maintain their body tempreture and keep them dry.  Shock can happen as soon as the body drops by as little as 2 degrees!

2. Make sure your pets collars and microchips hsve the latest details on.  That way if they go missing in the snow it greatly increases the chances of them being reunited. Top tip: Try a high viz or light up collar so its easirr to see them in the snow (ezpecially as it gets darker earlier thanks to those snow clouds)

3. Everyone uses antifreeze in the cold weather.  De icer spray for cars, car radiators and even on pavements.  Unfortunatly it is highly toxic to cats and it has a sweet taste which makes it very appertising to them.  Clinical signs can happen as little as 12 hours after exposure and include: vomiting,  ataxia (wobbly)  and depression (think acting drunk).  After this they get Acute Kidney Injury which includes inability to urinate/ urinating little and often and slow heart rates. After this death most commonly follows.  Unfkrtunatly due to the speed and the lack of signs it is often to late when we see thwm.  If you are all concerned be safe, not sorry!

4. Clean your pets paws when they come in. Grit and other toxins can stick to them which can be toxic if licked of and also the grit can dry out the pads and burn the skin.  Top tip,  consider getting boots for theirnfeet during walks not only will they protect them from these toxins but theyll also provide extra grip and keep them warm.

5. Heat stroke! Yes you read that right.  Short nose breeds (pugs ect.) are most at risk.  They use a lot of energy to heat them up when out side and then when they go into your lovely warm home they can very quickly over heat and get heat stroke.  Keep an eye when they come indoors.

Over all be safe and have fun.  If you are concerned about your pets, or just want some friendly advice please do contact us.

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