Hot Dogs This Summer?

As the weather is heating up it is vital to remember most of our four legged friends cant remove their fur coats so here are 5 tips to prevent them from becoming a hot dog this summer:

Cool towels– Soak a towel in some cool water and either lay it on the ground for them to lay on or drape it over their backs to help keep their body temperature cooler. This is a cheap and easy way to help them stay cool but, you can also buy cool water mats for them to lay on as well.

Paddling pools-  Paddling pools are great fun not just for us humans but, for dogs as well (providing they like a swim). It will be great for them to have a splash and allows them to easily keep cool.

Cool water- Needles to say it is vital to make sure there is always a supply of clean drinking water but, in the summer they may drink a lot more water so make sure there are plenty of bowls and always topped up.

Frozen Kong’s- If you have a kong or any dog toy that can be stuffed then in the morning stuff it with lots of tasty dog treats and pop it in the freezer for a little while. This will make a nice popsickle and can create hours of fun whilst also keeping them cool.

Exercise– We all love going for long walks or runs with our pets but, make sure to plan properly when to do your walks. Try to avoid the mid day heat and instead go for a walk in the mornings or evenings when its a bit cooler.

Most importantly, enjoy the summer and have fun with your pets but, be careful as well. If anyone has any other tips on how to stay cool this summer please do post them bellow.

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